Week 8 Process Post: 24-Hour Food Scene + Copyright

If you are ever a bored in the middle of the night, don’t know what to eat kind of person, you’ve probably had moments of deciding to go to 7/11 or McDonald’s in the middle of the night. Maybe you were curious what else is open nearby, or even what else is open in all of the Lower Mainland. 

I did some personal research and found some articles that listed all of the 24/7 eats in the Lower Mainland. Unfortunately, I noticed that many of these articles were outdated prior to COVID-19, and that most 24/7 eats have reduced their hours. Yes, reduced meaning that a lot (which ironically is not a lot to begin with) of the Lower Mainland 24/7 eats eventually close at the end of the day. 

On Bored In Vancouver’s site, it list a few eats that are open 24/7. Before COVID-19, I knew these businesses were 24/7 (source: me, I am a foodie). Now that reduced hours have been the new normal, I decided to research each businesses new hours. Of all the listed businesses, the only ones remaining at 24/7 are all Breka Bakery & Café locations, Duffin’s Donuts (weekends only), and Siegel’s Bagels Kits (Thursday to Sunday only). It’s safe to say “that’s it?” it’s not that many.

With the idea that it’s not that many, I should be able to write my own journey of the 24-hour Vancouver food scene as it is an original compilation and not a recipe book directly quoting from Bored in Vancouver. I should be able to add my personal remix to their outdated source of this particular topic. Besides, food content and copyright issues is something you never hear about.

The late night food scene in the Lower Mainland sucks. It’s not much variety, online articles give us nothing. You are better off searching for nearby chain like Denny’s, Hi-Five Chicken, Tim Hortons, A&W, the list goes on. Stay home, cook yourself your favourite instant noodles, make a sandwich.

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