Week 7 Process Post: Feedback & Social Media Expansion

I took a look through my first peer review done from PROJECT: Offline.

I liked that she assessed me with careful and constructive criticism. I decided to keep my about section as it is as she gave me no critique on how to improve it.

Initially, my website did not have a Vancouver skyline graphic, much on the navigation bar, and side widgets. The asymmetry with no side widgets looked a bit off, so I filled them in with a “Menu” of my Mini Assignments, Process Posts, and Vancouver Gems. She suggested that having these categories would be easier for users to navigate a particular type of post.

I did have some missing posts on that date. I went back and fixed the majority of my posts in length and content. I found that some of my posts were not as enriched as others, and there was no consistency (some posts had 400+ words, and others barely made it to 100 words.)

I also took a look at the feedback Lauren provided me.

I haven’t gotten around to playing around with WordPress and Elementor. I am not as confident and quite intimidated when I try to curate aesthetically pleasing designs. I find that my lack of experience is a barrier and it is something I am working on.

I will consider adding new tags relating to my food content. Tags I would incorporate are: food, foodie, vancouver foodie, vancouver food, cheap eats, vancouver cheap eats. Many of these tags are similar to hashtags found on my Instagram and Tik Tok, catered towards the Vancouver Foodie scene (like me).

The last thing Lauren suggested I do, which I will start incorporating in my posts is PUB 101 course readings and class discussions. Though my blog is primarily about food, it still needs relevance to PUB 101. Incorporating course readings will help me generate better process post content. Though I do not think Vancouver Gems food content and class discussion collide, I will keep in mind to somehow synthesize both.

Feedback to myself.

After looking at class examples, skimming through some of my peer’s websites, and looking at my WordPress template, I have decided that I want to focus on adding images to all my posts and website. My website has all of the content, it lacks visuals. Adding imagery will enhance my blog look. Especially since I have a food blog, pictures of content are a must. Without pictures, it defeats the whole purpose of a food blog.

While I do recognize it as a food blogger, I’d like to expand with the help of incorporating tags. I do recognize with expansion comes acknowledging there are strange food places in Vancouver such as the ice cream shop Perverted, or 7-inch waffle house that are somewhat related to the weird things online. It’s something that I will deal with too in food. I’m not sure why foodies have a niche for odd-named and shaped food items, but that’s the reality. Though, I am not as alarmed as the disturbing things found in James Bridles Something is wrong on the internet article.

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