Week 4 Process Post: Understanding Our Audience

At the stage that I am at with my blog right now, I do not imagine a niche audience viewing my content as there is no food content so far. My website is not at the level I would display as my final product. 

Later on, I would like to imagine my blog audience are Vancouver Foodies seeking more Vancouver food gems! As a Vancouver Foodie, I think that many Vancouver Foodies post the same, repetitive food gems. Though it may seem boring to people who are not interested in Vancouver food gems, I find it helpful that different accounts post the same place as I can see different food items and different perspectives of a food gem. 

I would like to live up to the same level of blogging as some of my favourite Vancouver Foodies as I take inspiration from them. Here are their Instagram profiles: @yothatssobomb, @deannawoo, and @vancouverfoodie.

Though my favourite Vancouver Foodie accounts post their content on social media, I also take inspiration from food blogs. I previously created segments of food content at my previous Co-op, where I took inspiration from Dished Vancouver. 

Based on my ideal imagined audience, I would like to modify my web design similar to Dished Vancouver. Many people are familiar with navigating Dished Vancouver, so I think that similarities in Dished Vancouver’s website would be easily accessible, hopefully intriguing my audience to scroll through my blog.

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