Week 2 Process Post: Installation and Setup

As someone with no prior knowledge of web design, the installation and setup of my website were a bit challenging. I got some help during the first tutorial session from the teaching assistant and fellow classmates and figured out how to navigate WordPress at a basic level. I did not know that in order to have your domain working, I had to make an additional purchase (from what I remember, it did not state that I had to pay more for my domain to work.)

Instructed during lecture and tutorial, I had troubles with the installation and setup of Elementor. I figured that since I was confused, I would ask in the upcoming tutorial. Turns out, a lot of my troubles from Elementor were due to downloading the wrong application. 

My food blog takes inspiration from Dished Vancouver’s food blog. So far, my website relates back to my vision board, where I will incorporate many visuals on my website. 

I find it quite challenging that in order to set up an aesthetically pleasing site, I should have a lot of my pictures. At this point, I do not.

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