Week 12 Process Post: Community Guidelines (for now) + Farewell (for now)

Apparently, I need to have some sort of Community Guidelines… For who? I guess Suzanne and Lauren may be thinking that I have actually gathered Dished viewers to Vancouver Gems. As previously mentioned in process post 11, I would have to actually expand myself onto other platforms.

Though hypothetically, my community guidelines would incorporate approving comments on my website. If you scroll to the footer or look to the right, it says “No comments to show.” Well, that is because I haven’t enabled them. Enabling comments would be suitable for my blog as engagement and traffic would grow.

Implementing this will hopefully not attract bots…not that it has happened before…

Once my comments are enabled, my community guidelines would have:

  • No advertising any food promotion whatsoever (must be approved by me first, contact me for inquiries)
  • No spamming, no bots (as I have mentioned earlier)

As I don’t have as many requirements for meeting my community guidelines, its safe to say a food website won’t bring controversial discourse as this is a place for discussing food and nothing else.


I guess this last process post is also a farewell, farewell to PUB 101. Is it an actual goodbye? Nope! See you in PUB 201! (if I decide I can handle next semester’s course load)

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