Week 11 Process Post: Transmedia Integration

Henry Jenkins brings the idea that “Transmedia storytelling is a process. Elements of a fiction get dispersed across multiple media for the purpose of creating a coordinated entertainment experience.” It is a complex form of distributing information and “provides a set of roles and goals which readers can assume as they enact aspects of the story through their everyday life.”

Vancouver Gems is a food blog. “Transmedia stories are based not on individual characters or specific plots but rather complex fictional worlds which can sustain multiple interrelated characters and their stories.” My stories are personal experiences of Vancouver food. They are singular reviews from a food amateur (I’m no food critic, though I wish I was!) If I were to focus on incorporating more transmedia integration in my online publication, I would focus on expanding to platforms that are food-heavy on content. That being said, I would focus on expanding to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and even the Vancouver subreddit.

For TikTok, I find it easy to navigate when finding places to eat. I would type in the search bar “(insert city/neighbourhood) eats”. Immediately, I would know what to eat and where to eat. If I expanded my content to TikTok, I could easily become a food influencer.

For Instagram, I find that I could get support from other Vancouver foodie influencers. Many food promotions come through Instagram. I find that this platform is where most people find who to follow, and where to eat.

For Facebook, this is easily shareable. Facebook groups are a must in finding food. Many people conglomerate to share their opinions of restaurants, cafes, and more.

Lastly, I’d like to heavily emphasize Reddit. You don’t see much food content at all. Though it is a general area for Vancouverites, the online space is massive. Expanding content to Reddit would show non-foodie Vancouverites my content.

Back when I worked as a communications intern, I implemented integrating food giveaways, paid advertisements, and pop-up shops at events. I found this was successful for local businesses and foodies in the neighbourhood.

Though I am only a singular and amateur foodie, I would start by putting my content out there. There is a niche group of Vancouver foodies who will follow anyone with food content (speaking from experience).


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