Vancouver Gem #4: Cream Pony

Looking for something to do in North Vancouver? North Vancouver’s handmade donuts and southern fried chicken shop at Cream Pony ’round back in lolo lane is a place to stop by. The Cream Pony Dream “a place for our neighbours and friends of all cultures, ages, and abilities to feel at home — and, of course, to eat the best darn fried chicken and donuts North Vancouver has ever seen!”

The interior design of Cream Pony is subtle and quaint. The colour theme is pastel all over with classy paintings. I remember the music playing was soft to the ear or “family-friendly” playing “Build Me Up Buttercup”. Though the interior is smaller than I expected for a fried chicken and donut shop, the business seems to optimize its space and operate fine.

For a donut and chicken shop, it sure is pricy. I put emphasis on pricing compared to my previous reviews as this gem I particularly found this more expensive for what they serve. Then again, it is North Vancouver. Half a dozen for $17 before tax and tip?? No thanks, I would rather spend my money on donuts at Duffins or Krispy Kreme! Oh well, I would not tip. Besides, this is in North Vancouver, they most likely don’t need the tip.

I ordered the Cinny Sugar and Raspberry Chocolate for $3.15 before tax each at opening hours. I am disappointed that there was not much variety. I could have walked over to Tim Hortons for more variety at a cheaper price. I also ordered two pieces of Cajun Spice Chicken. They told me I had to wait 15 minutes… for two pieces of fried chicken. Though, the Cream Pony donuts I ordered were good. They are definitely worth trying if you are in the Lonsdale Quay area.

Behold! The two pieces of Cajun Spice Chicken for sadly $9. But let me talk about my experience with the 15-minute waiting period. The ambience of this place is indescribable. Not the workers, but the customers. If you want to be surrounded by lululemon middle-aged kombucha pilates moms at 10 am, then this is your place to be. I suggest checking Cream Pony at a later time to avoid this.

The two pieces of chicken were amazing. The crunchiness, the warmth of the freshly fried chicken. My only problem was the Cajun Spice was hardly there. I’d say instant noodle spice packets are more generous than Cream Pony. All it tasted was I imagine original chicken would taste with a side of light spice. This is the spice catered for those who cannot do spicy but want to claim they can eat spicy.

Overall, the place is small, the place is cute. Rate: 5/10. Cream Pony is a place to stop by when you are in the area, not a place worth driving for. The food is not bad or terrible at all, but it’s not anything special.

Cream Pony is located at around BACK in Lolo Lane, 111 1st St E, North Vancouver. Operating hours are Wednesday-Sunday, 10AM-8PM. Monday and Tuesday CLOSED.

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