Vancouver Gem #3: Something Sweet

This week I stopped by Nam Dae Moon Rice Cake 南大門, but unfortunately due to their kitchen equipment issues, the shop was closed. Luckily, right beside Nam Dae Moon Rice Cake 南大門, I stumbled upon this new dessert and breakfast spot in Burnaby called Something Sweet, formerly known as Boba Time. So new that there are no recent reviews or operating hours on Google! (Here is my review.)

This new café spot has a variety of savoury and sweet options from crepes, croffles, eggie sandos, shaved ice, and more! They also serve many drinks including tea, coffee, sparkling soda, and smoothies.

Walking along the café block of Royal Oak Avenue, Something Sweet peaks through. I didn’t capture a picture, but the interior was spacious and filled with Halloween decorations. Unfortunately, I noticed that they block all of their outlets, so if you are looking for a place to study, Something Sweet is not so sweet.

I stopped by at approximately 4PM. There is a high school nearby so it was slightly busy from the snack rush. Pictured above are the refresh scallop eggie sando, pork floss and seaweed croffle, strawberry cream cheese croffle, and tiramisu latte.

The refresh scallop eggie sando was $11.95. A bit messy, a bit weird that there was a skewer with the scallops. I personally wished they deconstructed the scallop and scatter it more over the sandwich. I rate it 7/10. The price could be cheaper, the sandwich should not fall apart too much. Overall, the taste was good.

This was my first time having a croffle! Both croffles were $7.95 each. The texture of a croffle is quite annoying. It felt like I had to forcefully rip off a bite, was it fried? was it too hard? It felt like both. The strawberry cream cheese croffle was nothing special, you can never go wrong with strawberry. Not bad at all, but generic and tastes like how it looks. I rate it 7/10. There could be more exciting flavours, the croffle texture threw me off. Overall, not bad.

The pork floss and seaweed croffle was good. I preferred the savoury croffle over sweet. I liked the flavours, but I still was thrown off with the croffle texture. I rate it 7.5/10 only because I liked the flavour more than the strawberry cream cheese croffle.

The tiramisu latte was interesting. The worker gave us a discount (I forgot why), original price is $5.95. I liked that it had a biscotti topping off the drink. If you are a light coffee drinker or don’t like coffee too much, this drink is for you. I liked that it did not have too much chocolate flavour, but enough that it didn’t feel watered down. I rate it 7/10. It was good, but I normally don’t like chocolate based drinks.

If you are in the South Burnaby/Metrotown area, I suggest you check this place out.

Something Sweet is located at 6632 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby.

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