Assign the 5% to one category of the existing assessment breakdown overall participation, growth, contribution to the class, peer reviews, process posts, essay

PUB 101 has been quite the experience. From no experience with web design to becoming a WordPress master (just kidding). I do believe that my overall participation in class has been meeting expectations. I’ve shown up to class most of the time, asked for help in tutorial (I even won wordle for the planner), and taken notes on how to make my website better. I think my growth is evident as you can evidently see the effort I’ve put into web development, reviewing my peer’s websites, and incorporating readings into my process posts. The course was heavily dependent on how much effort I put into it, if I put a lot of effort, I would enjoy doing my work.

Though I did not get perfect on my essay, I was honoured to receive the comment from Lauren stating I am a strong writer.

Overall, I’d say I’d rate myself at a 4.5/5 for putting in lots of work into PUB 101.

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