Blog Review #1: PROJECT Offline

For my first peer review, I have been assigned PROJECT: Offline

First looking at PROJECT: Offline’s website description, it is “It’s time to disconnect online and reconnect offline…” By looking at this sentence, it sends a deep message that this blog will heavily focus on getting to know people in person. It sends the message that we should be off our screens and look into the real world.

When first viewing the website, PROJECT: Offline displays images so that you can get a sense of what the blog will be about (interviewing people). PROJECT: Offline also has a clear side navigation bar for an author page, recent posts, and categories. Under categories, you can easily access the different posts of Mini Assignments, Process Posts, and PROJECT: Offline-related content. It is simple and visually pleasing.

Looking through what PROJECT: Offline is about, I like the theme of black and white as I think that it sort of gives us this “black and white” understanding of a person online and that “colour” can be through offline interactions (not sure if that was the goal of PROJECT: Offline, though it sends that message).

On Taylen’s about page, there is a description of what she studies, her interests, and links to her Instagram and portfolio (which is amazing! I recommend looking through it).

After looking through PROJECT: Offline, I see that Taylen already has a great blog relating to course readings. Taylen adds external video links to supplement her writing. I like that she incorporates every PROJECT: Offline post with each different topic of It Starts With Hello, This or That, Five Facts of Fun, Drop a Bop, Some Deeper Small Talk, and The Final Spotlight. These topics in each post show consistency, something we can expect each week, while something different through interviewing different people. I also like that many of these topics have a nice ring to them (Drop a Bop sounds cool).

Her posts are heavily detailed with many graphics. The paragraph spacing flows well and implementing graphics in between makes the posts aesthetically pleasing rather than a chunk of words. There are no grammatical errors.

As I have seen that Taylen already has a separate website for her portfolio, I have no suggestions and from my judgment, she knows what is doing. I only suggest making no changes!

I am looking forward to seeing the final product of PROJECT: Offline!

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