Blog review #3: Record of Naught

For my third peer review, I have been assigned Record of Naught.

According to the PUB 101 Google Sheets, Sam’s website is a fictional blog of “an archive of unusual stories as well as the ordinary”. From the initial look at the website and the name, I have no idea what the theme is. I am unsure what the website is trying to portray. Does that fit into unusual stories? It is not clear.

Sam has incorporated a Publishing 101 portion in the navigation bar, I would prefer instead of “post” that everything has its own separate category (process posts, mini assignments, peer reviews) as it would be easier to navigate. I do like that it is in chronological order from the most recent post. I would also title public content an emphasizing word. I did not know the “Records” content was public content so something more telling and obvious. A suggestion would be “Fictionals” since this blog is fictional stories.

I like that the website has a simplistic neutral look. Using a sans serif font makes the website look modern and classy.

Looking at public content, I would make images smaller. As someone who does not know what is going on in the images, I would like to look at a visual while also reading a description. The descriptions are also not as detailed, try incorporating more details. We should aim for 400+ words and as I am not understanding the meaning behind each post and image, this is a good opportunity to go into detail and reach the word count.

In the about section, there is not much to read. I am not sure if the description is intentionally short but it is broad. Again, I don’t understand this blog in general so a lot of description would be helpful. I am also not sure why the sentence is double-spaced. I would single space.

Overall, Record of Naught has an aesthetically pleasing website. It has a simplistic approach. I would incorporate a search bar, side menu, recent posts, and more images to not have it look plain. Sam has also incorporated accessibility. I would like to see more development and clarity in actual content. I would also suggest Sam look at websites that are similar to Record of Naught. For example, I would take inspiration from Dished.

I look forward to viewing the final product of Record of Naught!

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